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USB Module Outfits Industrial And Commercial Products

Based on the Vinculum integrated USB host controller, the VDRIVE2 USB flash disk interface module can integrate USB flash disk connectivity into a broad range of industrial or commercial products. It requires just four signal lines and is packaged in a snap-in, plastic enclosure with a bi-color LED providing power and status indication and a single USB type-A socket. The module is also suitable for use as a development and evaluation platform for the Vinculum IC. Both UART and SPI interfaces are provided and are selected via on-board jumpers. Also available, the VMUSIC2 module, which is based on the VDRIVE2, offers the addition of a VLSI VS1003 IC to provide digital-audio playback capabilities. The VDRIVE2 is priced at $24.50 and VMUSIC2 $37.50 each. For more details, call Jim Kenney at FUTURE TECHNOLOGY DEVICES INTERNATIONAL LTD., Hillsboro, OR. (503) 547-0988.


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