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USB Module Simplifies Mac's Handling Of Data Acquisition Assignments

Readying a Macintosh computer for data acquisition assignments is greatly simplified with the DT9800-MAC Series, a family of USB function modules that plug into iMac, iBook or Power Mac G4 computers. All that is needed to turn the computers into high-performance data acquisition systems for capturing and processing temperature, pressure, or other signals is to connect the plug-and-play module into the computer, install the supplied software and connect the sensor to the module--there is no need to do any programming, board configuration, etc.
The portable modules meet the Universal Serial Bus (USB) specs, require no external power supply-- the cable supplied with the modules provides both power and computer connection-- and come with Quick DataAcq menu-driven software. The DAQ app allows the user to verify the USB module's operation, display data, and save data to disk or to an Excel spreadsheet. The DT9800-MAC modules cost $795 each.

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