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USB Module's 24 I/O Pins Are Independently Programmable

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Designed for inputting and outputting digital signals from computer systems via a USB port, the USBI/O24 can transfer up to 250,000 x 8-bit port reads or writes per second. Each of the USB module's 24 I/O pins is individually configurable as an input or ouput, with input pins being TTL-level compatible and output pins each capable of sinking or sourcing up to 30 mA. The 24 I/O pins are programmable in three groups of eight to form a single high-speed module that can serve as a building block for meeting fast computer I/O needs. With an integrated Type-B USB connector on-board, the module includes serial number EEPROM and a flash microcontroller. The USBI/O24 costs $69 each. Firmware and software are supplied. For more details, contact Alan Lowne at SAELIG CO., Fairport, NY. (716) 425-3753.

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