Electronic Design

USB-Powered I/O Module Performs Up To 250,000 Reads, Writes/s

The USBI/O24, an integrated module for the input and output of digital signals from a computer system via the USB port, reaches transfer rates up to 250,000 × 8-bit port reads or writes/s. Each I/O pin is individually configurable as an input or output, and input pins are transistor-transistor logic (TTL) level compatible. Each output pin can sink or source up to 30 mA per pin. With an integrated Type-B USB controller on board, the unit also includes a serial number EEPROM and flash microcontroller. Because the USBI/O24 is powered from the USB bus, no external power supply is required. The unit is available from stock and costs $59.

Saelig Co. Inc.
www.saelig.com; (716) 425-3753

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