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USB Transceiver Trims Board Space Thanks To Micro-Leadframe

Almost 84% smaller than comparable TSSOP or SOIC packages, the USB1T11ABQ USB transceiver comes in a micro-leadframe package. The micro-leadframe considerably reduces the amount of board space needed by the USB interface. As a result, space-constrained devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and digital cameras can include USB connectivity without penalizing board area. The transceiver interfaces 5.0- or 3.3-V programmable logic to the USB physical layer and supports both the 1.5- and 12-Mbit/s data rates in the USB 1.1 specification. In lots of 1000 units, the USB1T11ABQ costs $0.65 each, with samples immediately available.

Fairchild Semiconductor International
www.fairchildsemi.com; (888) 522-5372

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