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VersaLogic Delivers More SPX

The tiny (1.2- by 3.8-in) SPX modules like the VL-SPX-2 16-bit Digital I/O Module from VersaLogic were previewed at the last ESC show. A pair of new modules were added to the list at the Boston ESC show, including the VL-SPX-3 CANbus Controller and VL-SPX-5 8-channel Solid State Switch Module. The SPX modules utilize an SPI interface found on some of VersaLogic's single board computers. They are equally applicable to any other microcontroller with an SPI port. The VL-SPX-3 CANbus Controller includes the CAN transceiver chip and CAN interface compatible with the 1 Mbit/s CAN V2.0B. The VL-SPX-5 8-channel Solid State Switch Module supports high-side and low-side switches with an external voltage range of 5.5V–26.5V. There is also a pair of PWM inputs. SPX modules are great for adding that little IO needed to finish up a design. They are significantly cheaper than a PC/104 expansion board. Related Links VersaLogic

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