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VersaLogic Is Showing Off Fast And Portable Motherboards

Versalogic was busy at ESC. They had an interesting application on display (Fig. 1) that is now being deployed atop Boston taxicabs. The system runs an AMD GX 500-based, PC/104-Plus Gecko single board computer. The dual screen displays present geographically-based information.

VersaLogic and General Software were showing off VersaLogic's PC/104-Plus Puma platform (Fig. 2). It incorporates General Software's Embedded BIOS 2000 with Suspend-to-RAM function that allows the system to wake up and resume processing in just seconds. It is key to power-saving in battery operated or power-constrained applications.

VersaLogic is also targeting the embedded Linux crowd with a Pentium M-powered EBX single board computer Cobra board that is bundled with open source Debian Linux. This saves developers time since the operating system is already packaged for the platform.

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