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Versatile Analog Frame Grabber Rides 32-Bit PCI Bus

With the launch of the PC2-Vision card, OEMs are said to have the most versatile and programmble frame grabber available today for the 32-bit PCI bus. The new analog frame grabber is designed to complement the high resolution, progressive scan cameras used today to perform high-speed, in-line monitoring of manufacturing operations, as well as fitting medical and security applications. PC2-Vision offers camera trigger-to-image acquisition control under a single API, with the board's acquisition circuitry capable of interfacing with a wide assortment of industrial cameras. In addition, the card's six camera connection capability can support simultaneous acquisition from up to six monochrome or two RGB cameras, while the RS-232 serial port on each of its two camera connectors simplify camera configuration. Simultaneous acquisition is also supported through a frame delay mode, which allows concurrent captures from all six inputs. In addition, the PC2-Vision's 40-MHz, triple-channel, 8-bit A/D converter offers gain and offset controls to precisely match the video voltage level of the camera. And the card also simplifies camera interfacing by offering fully programmable timing, as well as offering a variety of trigger, strobe and asynchronous reset options. The frame grabber is 5V and 3.3V PCI compliant, supporting a wide range of PCI buses. A powerful imaging-related library is also available for optimizing control of frame grabber resources and for simplifying software development. For more details and pricing, contact CORECO IMAGING, St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada. (514) 333-1301.


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