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Versatile Measurement Platform Allows Affordable Customer Reconfiguration

With test equipment as expensive as it is, flexibility (read: reusability) is important. The M150 Measurement Platform from Cascade Microtech aims to please in that regard, with a variety of interchangeable standard parts and accessories optimized for multiple measurement needs.

The M150 handles 150-mm devices for measuring semiconductor wafers, ICs, pc boards, MEMS, and bioscience devices. Applications can include device or process characterization and failure analysis.

With a measurement range from dc to 220 GHz, the M150 helps designers find and diagnose problems involving power consumption, operating frequency, signal isolation, signal integrity, and channel bandwidth. It fits characterization of III-IV compound semiconductors such as gallium arsenide, silicon germanium, and indium phosphide for RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave devices.

Users can select a preconfigured application-specific package or custom-configure a system. Preconfigured bundles include dc measurements ($7000 to $18,000), RF measurements ($22,000 to $27,000), failure analysis ($35,000), pcboard signal integrity ($35,000), and millimeter waves ($45,000).

Customers also can buy a prober bundle and an accessory bundle and add accessories to modify their systems later. To see the possibilities, go to www. cascademicrotech.com/m150.

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