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Versatile Multi-Processor Chip Keeps Networks Secure

Flexible, yet powerful is how the firm characterizes a new class of security processors it has developed for use in networking systems. The Luna 340 multi-processor system-on-a-chip with firmware, RTOS and developer API is designed to provide, for example, the flexibility needed to keep up with the constant changes made to security protocols and the processing power required to meet the steadily increasing performance demands of newer generations of routers, servers and other networking equipment.
The new cryptographic accelerator IC is said to support a comprehensive set of encryption algorithms and protocols, as well as the various contenders for the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). And the chip's security-related features, such RNG capability, zeroize circuitry, battery-backed NVRAM, and a real-time clock (see diagram), allow system designers to meet FIPS 140-1 level 3 security validation specs.
Luna 340 numbers among its other features parallel processors based on an embedded RISC core, control CPU, dual 32-bit, 66-MHz PCI buses, global memory, programmable PLL, IEEE 1149.1 JTAG interface, expansion port for external memory, and more. The IC comes in a 304-pin thermally-enhanced BGA package and costs $150 each in large quantities; the software licensing fee depends on the suite selected. An evaluation board and software development kit are also available.


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