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Very Small Full-Featured Modem Includes RJ-11 Connector

Measuring only 0.66 by 1.25 by 0.75 in., the full-featured TinyModem is the smallest modem module with an RJ-11 connector, according to Radicom Research Inc. The full-featured modem, which includes data, fax, and voice capability, was designed to integrate easily into small-footprint embedded designs. The device has enhanced EMC/EMI shielding, a built-in data pump, a modem controller, and on-board International DAA (Direct Access Arrangement). Line-in-use and connection detection functions allow the modem to share a phone line with other equipment, eliminating the cost of a dedicated line.

Other standard features include a serial TTL interface, caller ID, extension pickup, call-waiting, and remote hang-up detection. It handles data rates of 300 bits/s to 56 kbits/s, and a fax rate of 14.4 kbits/s, as well as voice playback and recording. A single 3.3-V supply runs the modem, but I/O functions are 5-V tolerant. The TinyModem is protected with an isolation voltage rating of 3750 V. In voice mode, the modem generates and detects DTMF tones. It also automatically senses format and speed, and supports the AT commend set. The module is RoHS-compliant and has received a number of international agency approvals.


The TinyModem is available now.


Prices begin at $29.00 is quantities of 1000 or more.


Visit www.radi.com.

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