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VGA For Cellullar Stations Is Programmable

A digitally-controlled, variable gain amplifier, the CLC5526 350-MHz DVGA is for use in a wide range of wireless communications products, such as PCS base stations, paging base stations, and mobile radios. The device expands the dynamic range of the IF-sampled communications receivers by 42 dB, and gain is digitally programmed in 6 dB steps. A 2.7-nV/¦Hz input noise voltage ensures integrity of the system dynamic range. With ac coupled differential inputs and outputs allowing large signal swings on a single 5V rail, CLC5526 IC is optimized for use with the firm's chipset, which is designed for use in software radios. The chipset consists of the CLC5956 12-bit, 65-MSPS A/D converter and CLC5902 digital downconverter with integrated automatic gain control (AGC). An evaluation board also is available.


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