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VHDM Connector Improves Field Performance

Designed to meet the need to improve equipment performance in the field while reducing system costs, the VHDM H-Series connector promises backward-compatibility and reliable signal integrity while boasting of the lowest interconnect costs for new system development. The connector can be integrated on the same rear-organizing stiffener with any combination of VHDM, VHDM-HSD, and VHDM L-Series and can also be designed into the same slot. It employs an 0.018" PCB hole to ease routing, eliminate layers within the printed circuit board, and reduce impedance discontinuities. Additional shield compliant pins on the daughtercard wafer are said to reduce peak cross talk by up to 50%. Price is approximately $0.13 to $0.18 per line in full production volumes. TERADYNE, INC., Boston, MA (617) 482-2700.


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