Electronic Design

Vibration Sensor Delivers Consistent Characteristics

The MiniSense cantilever-type piezoelectric vibration sensor is highly sensitive, even at low frequencies. A mass located on the end of the sensor serves as an inertial mass, making the beam a low-cost accelerometer. The clamping of piezo film by the pc board defines the boundary conditions, ensuring consistent sensitivity and frequency response. The unit offers high voltage sensitivity of 1 V/g and up to 40-Hz operation below resonance. At resonance, the voltage sensitivity measures 5 V/g. With shielded construction, the device also delivers 1% linearity. The MiniSense is available with either horizontal or vertical mounting options. Its rugged, flexible PVDF sensing element withstands high shock overload. The sensor can be used to detect either continuous vibration or impacts. In low-volume quantities, the MiniSense costs $1.25 each. In 25,000-unit quantities, the MiniSense costs $0.98 each.

Measurement Specialties Inc.
www.msiusa.com; (610) 650-1500

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