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Vibration Sensor Interface Board Outfits Popular DAQ Module

For use with the PowerDNA Cube, the DNA-AI-211 analog-input board provides four isolated IEPE/ICP accelerometer/vibration sensor channels and offers 24-bit resolution with a 109 dB SNR. Configured with one ADC per channel, the board delivers sample rates up to 125 ksamples/s per channel, 500 ksamples/s total for the board. It supports direct connection to standard two-wire vibration sensors and provides both software and LED annunciation of open or shorted sensors. The board's 100-dB digital anti-aliasing filtering comes by way of a combination of analog and digital FIR filters. The digital filter enables a passband ripple of ±0.005 dB and a stop-band floor of -100 dB. The digital nature of the filter also ensures that each filter induces an identical phase shift, so no filter-induced inter-channel phase jitter will impact or corrupt subsequent analysis. Additionally, the board comes with a comprehensive software suite, which includes factory written support for popular operating systems, programming languages, and application packages such as LabVIEW, MATLAB, and DasyLAB. UNITED ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES INC., Canton, MA. (800) 829-4632.


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