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Video Development Kit Promises Fast Prototyping

For creating high-throughput video-processing apps, the CoDeveloper video development kit supports high-throughput streaming video applications via enhanced instruction scheduling and loop pipelining that promises to dramatically accelerate critical code loops. Extensive examples and tutorials are on tap to help make first projects quick and easy. The kit includes the CoDeveloper C-to-FPGA compiler, Video Developer Platform support package, streaming DVI filter examples and tutorials, the Practical FPGA Programming in C textbook, and Xilinx ISE Development Suite software and video development kit. The Xilinx video development kit includes a Spartan-3A DSP 3400A FPGA board, FMC-Video daughter card, micron VGA CMOS camera module, Xilinx Platform Cable USB, documentation and reference designs, 128-MB compact flash card, S-Video/composite interfaces, VGA and DVI video outputs, a null modem, and analog VGA to DVI adaptors. For more details and pricing, call IMPULSE ACCELERATED TECHNOLOGIES, INC., Kirkland, WA. (866) 446-7857.


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