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Video Processing Board Supports Stratix FPGAs

Hosting four Stratix II EP2S130 FPGAs from Altera, the 6U Bluejay cPCI video processing board handles DSP-intensive algorithms that require true multi-processing. For these applications, the board also supports up to 4 GB of SDRAM and up to 16 TMS320C6415 DSPs from Texas Instruments, each running at 1 GHz. It accommodates PCI 66/64 as well as a rear I/O transition card, which can provide any type of digital I/O via a LVDS interface. The board is suitable for the development of broadcast-quality H.264/AVC encoding at 1,080p and video conferencing chores where thousands of video streams need to be transcoded. For further information and price, call MANGO DSP INC., San Jose, CA. (866) 686-2646.


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