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Video/Graphics Board Takes To The Skies

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Introduced as a rugged version of the 6U VME-based CAT video processor and accelerator, the new IEEE 1101.2-compliant CAT board is comfortable in such applications as combat helicopters and other harsh environments. The board operates at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 65°C and can handle vibration levels of 0.002 g2/Hz from 10 Hz to 2 kHz random and 2g sinsusoidal from 5 to 500 Hz.
Th board can also endure shock levels up to 20g peak sawtooth and relative humidity up to 95%. Other features include real-time data processing functions such as radar tracking, live TV windows and radar video compression and decompression with radar conversion performed in software. The processor delivers up to 2 BOPS of processing power with optimized block data copy modes.
The on-board RISC processor can move 2.4 GB of data and 1.8 GB of instructions within the chip and is supported by four DSPs. The board can also perform as a VME64 master or slave and supports 64-bit block-transfer mode.

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