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Virtex-7 Transceiver VPX Board Fits Communication, Radar Systems

Virtex-7 Transceiver VPX Board Fits Communication, Radar Systems

A two-channel, wideband transceiver 3U VPX board, based on Xilinx’s Virtex-7 FPGA, features built-in data capture and generation, which eliminates the need to develop additional FPGA IP. Pentek’s Onyx Model 52751 suits connection to HF or IF ports in communications or radar systems. It incorporates two 500-MHz, 12-bit analog-to-digital converters followed by two digital downconverters (DDCs), plus two 800-MHz, 16-bit digital-to-analog converters with a digital upconverter (DUC). Virtex-7 FPGA functions include two analog-to-digital acquisition modules, a digital-to-analog waveform-generation IP module, data multiplexing, channel selection, data packing, gating, triggering, synchronization, and memory control. Programmable decimation and interpolation ranges for each DDC and DUC cover transceiver signal bandwidths from 4 kHz to 200 MHz. Applications range from radar and SIGINT/electronic countermeasures systems to digital RF memory and wideband communication. The board comes in ruggedized and conduction-cooled versions. Other board types feature a crossbar switch (Model 53571) that supports additional PCI Express backplane routing options, and one that serves an XMC module (Model 71751).


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