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Vision Processor Claims First To Use Pentium II

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Claiming to be the first image processor board based on the Pentium II processor, the Mamba embedded vision processor features the company's proprietary data bus, the Coreco AuxiliaryBus (CAB). It's claimed that this image-to board communication bus keeps image data off the PCI bus, allowing for data transfer speeds up to 200 MB/s.
It is also claimed that the combination of the Pentium II CPU with this unique bus will allow for clock speeds up to 500 MHz.
Facilitating multi-board architectures, each board provides two CAB ports. In a multi-board system, each CPU has exclusive access to its local memory, at rates up to 800 MB/s, and each board operates independently of the host.
Other features include up to 512 MB of RAM, 48 MB of DiskOnChip, and an on-board VGA controller. Pricing starts at $3000.

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