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Vision Processor Sports G4 PowerPC

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Using a G4 PowerPC CPU running at 400 to 500 MHz with AltiVec technology (a 128-bit vector execution unit), the GenesisPlus vision-processor board has a memory bandwidth up to 1 GB/s. The CPU works in conjunction with the NOA coprocessor that is used for accelerating local operations including convolutions and binary/gray-scale morphology. It can deliver 6.4 billion operations per second, it's claimed, running at 50 MHz.
The vector engine processes, in parallel, up to 16 pixels per cycle, and delivers a peak processing power of 6,400 MMACs per second when running at 400 MHz. Software consists of Imaging Library (MIL)/ActiveMIL, Genesis Native Library, and Genesis Developer's Toolkit. Custom code development for the PowerPC is done entirely in C/C++. A single-node board with 128 MB of SDRAM is priced at $6,395 and a dual-node board costs $10,695.

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