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Visual Fault Analyzer Speeds PCB Fault Diagnostics And Repair

Hidden faults are easily located and the cost of pc board rework is said to be lowered with the Visual Fault Analyzer (VFA) for viewing and idnetifying pc board assembly faults. The software works with the firm's low-cost ATE to speed diagnostics and repair by visually showing the source of the faults and where they are located, even when they are hidden underneath devices. The fault viewer augments text-based diagnostics by visually displaying the fault locations and pc board physical layout that contribute to the faults.
VFA provides design and test engineers with the ability to visually analyze fault diagnostic data relative to the pc board's physical design areas that could cause the fault. This includes placement and layout of components, routing of interconnects and vias. The VFA option is free with the purchase of any of the firm's Eclipse family of test and debug tools.


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