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VME SBC Comes With 366-MHz PowerPC

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A PowerPC 750 microprocessor running at 366 MHz is featured in the latest generation of the PowerEngine 5 VME single-board computer. The board is suited for embedded and military applications. It supports the company's Ruggedizer, a convection and conduction cooled heatsink for harsh environments.The board is offered in single- and dual-processor configurations. Performance benchmarks are 17.2 specint95 and 11.1 specfp95 per processor. Each PowerPC 750 has a dedicated 1 Mbyte of backside Level 2 cache. Use of a separate Level 2 cache bus enables up to three times greater processing power than earlier cache designs, it's claimed. There's support for 256 Mbytes of DRAM system memory and up to 16 Mbytes of flash memory. A wide variety of operating systems and development tools run on the PowerPC CPU.

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