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VME SBC Exploits Dual Core PowerPC

Expanding the PowerXtreme family of 6U VME single-board computers (SBCs), the PPC9A employs a Freescale 8641D dual-core PowerPC processor operating at 1.3 GHz. The SBC, which is 2eSST capable, supports up to 4 GB of DDR2 and up to 1 GB of flash memory. It provides two PMC/XMC sites supporting I/O via P0 and P2, and the company’s Additional Flexible Interface Xtension (AFIX) site that allows for custom functionality. Standard AFIX modules for graphics, SCSI, 1553, digital I/O, and flash memory are available. Other features include two Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T ports, two USB 2.0 ports, six serial ports, 128 KB of non-volatile RAM with autostore, and a SATA interface. Additionally, the PPC9A supports the Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software (AXIS) development environment. GE FANUC EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, Huntsville, AL. (800) 322-3616.


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