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Electronic Design

VME Single-Board Computer Handles Industrial Chores

Developed by the Motorola Embedded Communications Group, the MVME3100 single-board computer (SBC) is built around Freescale's MPC8540 PowerPC MCU, which features dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The board supports 320-Mbyte/s transfer via 2eSST. The Tsi148 PCI-X-to-VME bridge provides access for the dual 64-bit PMC sites. Also, the SBC can handle up to 512 Mbytes of double-data-rate error-correction-code SDRAM and 128 Mbytes of flash. Peripherals include USB 2.0, Serial ATA, and four serial ports, plus a front-panel serial port. The MVME3100 is priced at $1895.

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