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VME64x Backplane Has Board Stiffeners

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Vertical board stiffeners are said to add increased reliability and durability in a new VME64x backplane offered by the company. By preventing the board from bending, the stiffeners improve connector mating and signal integrity, creating a more secure board. The integration of the stiffeners into the board eliminates the need to build in additional components or stiffeners on the chassis, thereby reducing the system manufacturing cost in volume production.
The backplane features 160-pin VME64 extension connectors in J1 and J2, all defined ground pins connected to the ground plane, routing and termination of all VME and VME64x bussed signal lines, geographic address pins, and distribution of 5V, 3.3V, ±12V, ±V1, ±V2 and VPC. The 21-slot backplane also features on-board electronic daisy chaining and on-board and in-board termination.

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