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VMEbus Board Samples 16 Analog Inputs

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A multi-channel A/D input board designed for VME bus computers, DVME-614L board on a 6U VME outline provides 16, 12-bit A/D channels with simultaneous sampling on each channel at 190 kHz per channel. The board is well-suited for FFT, DSP and array processor front ends with a non-bus burst parallel port for seamless, non-stop recording applications. The board's analog section is optimized for high signal quality and very low dynamic noise. Sampling circuits acquire signals on parallel channels simultaneously. The ADCs digitize each held signal sequentially, providing phase correction and deskewing of multi-channel correlated signals. Low THD makes this board well-suited as a FFT front end or DSP quantizer. Input ranges are selectable as ±5V or ±10V per channel.

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