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VMEbus CPU Board ServesImage-Processing Applications

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The Basic Automation Board (BAB) 740, a VMEbus CPU board, contains a PowerPC processor and PMC extension capability that's optimized for use in industrial automation and image processing applications. Available PMC modules include a unit with two independent graphics controllers and a frame grabber with full DMA into processor memory.Users can order the board that best suits their needs by choosing from among PowerPC 603e, 604e and 740e CPUs running at clock speeds from 200 MHz to 450 MHz. The board accepts off-the-shelf SO-DIMMs for easy, low-cost memory upgrades in the field. Memory capacity is from 8 Mbytes to 256 Mbytes of DRAM. The board also has 2 Mbytes of flash, which is expandable with standard modules. Full communication capabilities are provided, as are the OS-9000 and VxWorks OSs.

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