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VMEbus DSP Board Outfits Radar And Sonar Systems

Designed for high-performance applications such as radar and sonar systems, the G4DSP signal processor board employs four MPC-7400 compute nodes with AltiVec and is capable of delivering more than 14 GFLOPS. Each node is comprised of 128 MB of SDRAM, 18 MB of flash, 2 MB of L2 cache, and an IBM-CPC710, 64-bit/66-MHz PCI bridge. Via the PCI-to-PCI bridge, 528 MB/s p-p bandwidth is available with the advantage of no bus contention or conflict. In addition, the board provides two independent, 64-bit/66-MHz PMC sites and a 32-bit/33-MHz P0 PCI master/slave interface and VME64. Software support includes VxWorks, VxMP, ChaMPIon/RT, VSI/Pro, and Virtuoso RTOS with built-in self test (BIST) and driver support for PowerPC single-board computers (SBCs) under VxWorks. Price is $17,592 with a delivery time of 10 weeks ARO. RADSTONE TECHNOLOGY CORP., Montvale, NJ. (800) 368-2738.

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