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VMEbus PowerPC Board Meets Low Power Requirements

Said to be the first of its kind on the market, the VMP60 PowerPC-based, 3U VMEbus processor board combines high computing performance and low power dissipation. Incorporating a PowerQUICC MPC860T processor running at 80 MHz, the board dissipates just 3W operating over a temperature range from -40ûC to 85ûC. It comes with up to 64 MB of DRAM and 4 MB of flash and features 1 MB of SRAM with data retention. Other features include a Fast Ethernet 100 Base-Tx interface, a socket for optional boot ROM, and an RS-232 port. Software support includes VxWorks and Universal bootstrap loader. Pricing starts at $875. Memory pricing starts at $195 for a 4 MB DRAM and 2 MB flash piggyback. Delivery time is 30 days ARO. For additional information, call PEP MODULAR COMPUTERS, INC., Pittsburgh, PA. (412) 921-3322.

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