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VMEbus Telephony Board Uses 72 DSPs To Process 7200 MIPS

Designed as a solution for compute-intensive, multi-channel telephony applications, such as Internet-voice and -fax gateways, the QuicKit/C549 VMEbus telephony board delivers up to 7200 MIPS of processing power. To reaching this heady processing speed, the board employs 72, 100-MHz TMS320V549 DSPs, implemented as six mini-PCI modules. Each DSP has 32 Kwords of memory, with two of the module's DSPs having 256 Kwords of SRAM. In addition, there is 65 MB of global DRAM, which the six modules access via the board's local, 100-MB/s PCI bus.
The modules acquire data from external WANs like T1/E1 and ATM via eight TDM buses, which are optimized for carrying multimedia data. The board supports a number of on-card and external I/O options, including a family of mini-PCI modules.
Each DSP module is available with an optional JTAG emulator connector. The JTAG port connects to the module's 12 DSPs in series, making it possible to debug all DSPs using an external emulator. Pricing for a board with 32 MB of global DRAM and 72 DSPs is $19,800; delivery is from six to eight weeks ARO.


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