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VMETRO’s Multi-Channel Clock Generator Keeps Jitter Down

In a PMC/XMC module, the XCLK1 clock generator provides up to five phase-matched, low-jitter sample clocks to feed a/d converters at rates of up to 2 GHz per channel. Suitable for embedded applications such as SigInt, spectral analysis, and radar, the module offers a choice of internal or external clock references. The default clock is an onboard 10-MHz TCXO. Local-frequency multiplication based on this reference generates signals in the range of 500 MHz to 2 GHz with a jitter of less than 0.5 ps. The output clock is available through five single-ended or three differential front-panel outputs. As an alternative, the module can derive outputs from an external source, either a front-panel 0- to 2-GHz input, 10-MHz front-panel reference, or a 10-MHz signal from its PMC I/O connector. Single-unit price starts at $4,995. VMETRO INC., Houston, TX. (281) 584-0728.

Company: VMETRO INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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