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Vocoder Board Evaluates AMBE-2000 Chip

The PC-2000 plug-and-play vocoder board is designed for testing and evaluating various data rates, FEC and other features of the AMBE-2000 vocoder chip. The board includes both the AMBE-2000 chip and AMBE+ voice compression algorithm, which is said to provide toll-quality voice at 4 kb/s.
Operational data rate of the board can be adjusted in increments of 50 b/s from 2 kb/s to 9.6 kb/s. The board also features voice activation detection, comfort noise insertion, and supports DTMF detection, transmission and regeneration.
Operating in a standard PCI slot, users can apply analog I/O or use digital speech files. The compressed files can be stored on the PC and played back at a later time through the PC-2000. Software is included for basic operation. Single-unit price is $1,475.

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