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Vocoder Board Eyes Next Gen Comm

Geared toward next-generation push-to-talk communication systems, the VC-55 vocoder board employs the company's latest AMBE+2 voice-compression software and enhanced dual-rate (4,400/2,450 bits/s) vocoder. The vocoder is interoperable with the APCO Project 25 (P25) digital mobile radio standard (TIA-102BABA). The full-rate 4,400 bps vocoder can be combined with 2,800 bits/s of FEC while the 2,450 bits/s vocoder can be combined with 1,150 bits/s of FEC. Other board features include soft decision FEC decoding up to eight bits, voice activity detection, silence frame, adaptive comfort noise insertion, and support for signaling tones. DIGITAL VOICE SYSTEMS INC., Westford, MA. (978) 392-0002.


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