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VoIP Software Speeds Product Development

A new building block for packet voice processing applications has been added to the ComStruct development platform. The addition includes a version of FACT integrated development and management software for Texas InstrumentsÕ C5x DSP platform. FACT-MG provides a layer of abstraction between the userÕs packet voice application and the underlying technology, said to unlock time for users to innovate their application. Built around Telogy Software products for VoIP, FACT-MG provides simplified and dynamic control, allocation and management of multiple resources, multiple resource boards, and application development interfaces that allow termination of and conversion between packet and non-packet media streams.Available for HA Linux-based platforms and soon for Solaris 8, pricing for FACT-MG starts at $10,000. A developers pack is priced at $32,000. For further information, call BLUE WAVE SYSTEMS INC., Carrollton, TX. (800) 635-0200.

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