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Voltage-Mode PWM Chip Rejects Input Voltage Changes

An integrated oscillator and input-voltage feed-forward circuit enable the UCC35701 voltage-mode PWM chip to instantaneously reject input supply voltage changes. The low-power IC is said to enhance the overall system performance of isolated switching power supplies using primary-side control. It offers robust features for demanding single-ended flyback or forward converters. Applications include telecommunication systems, industrial control and instrumentation.Voltage-mode control with input feed-forward compensation is said to result in noise-free operation with fast, accurate response to input line-voltage changes over a 4:1 range. However, the device operates over a 5:1 input range to allow power supply operation during overvoltage conditions. The on-board oscillator is usable at up to 700 kHz for high-density converters. A low start-up current of 130 µA allows for efficient off-line starting. A synchronization pin is provided.


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