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Voltage Reference Guarantees ²20 ppm/¡C Temperature Coefficient

Available in the ultra-small SOT-23 package, LT1460HCS3-2.5 and LT1460HCS3-5 series of 2.5V and 5V precision bandgap voltage references are trimmed to an initial accuracy of 0.2% and a maximum temperature drift of 20 ppm/°C. With a low, 100 µA supply current (125 µA for the 5V version), reverse battery protection at the input, and typical board solder shift of 0.02%, the references boast of a minimum input/output differential of 0.9V, suiting the devices for low voltage applications. No output capacitor is required for stability, thus saving another component and its space. Output current is only 20 mA. The devices, unlike shunt references, also do not require a current setting resistor.


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