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VRM-Compliant Converters Shoulder Transient Loads

A series of next-generation dc-to-dc converters complies with Voltage Regulation Module8.2/8.3/8.4 specifications for Intel’s Pentium II and III CPUs. The highly efficient ADP315x synchronous buck switching controllers convert the 5V main supply into the supply voltages required by the CPU and support ICs.The ICs incorporate a technique called optimally compensated active voltage positioning. This technology enhances transient load performance, reducing the number of capacitors required by up to half to save system space and cost and to increase reliability.Various combinations of ADP315x converters easily and efficiently generates virtually all voltages required by the processor, the chipset and the memory. Integrated LDO regulator controllers simplify auxiliary voltage outputs required in most motherboard designs. A 5-bit, digitally programmable output voltage meets current and future VRM requirements for a 1.3V to 3.5V output range. Single, dual and triple configurations are available in the series.


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