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VXI ADC Card Touts 8-Bit Resolution At 1-GSPS Sampling Rate

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Used in a single or double configuration, the DBS 907 is a 1-Gsample/s waveform digitizer, plug-in module for the VXI-compliant DBS 9905 carrier module. The mezzanine module concept allows a single VXI chassis slot to provide multiple functions and up to two DBS 907s can be installed in a single DBS 9905 carrier module.
Said to provide an eight-bit resolution over a sampling rate range of 100 samples/s to 1 Gsamples/s, the module has an input bandwidth of dc to 500 MHz and 2 Msamples of on-board memory. Other features include a programmable range and flexible trigger and clock selections, the parameters of which can be specifically defined through software. Waveforms can be captured using a single trigger event to enable storage of data in memory. The module comes with VXI-compliant plug-and-play drivers for Windows 9x, NT and 2000.

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