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VXI Chassis Provides Power And Cooling For Digital Test Boards

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Boasting of extreme power and cooling performance for high-density digital test boards, the HPC VXI system is said to provide power management for high channel count test systems in both COTS and customized applications. The system comes with either single or dual power modules that plug directly into the high-current backplane and supply up to 4 kW. To manage this power, high-volume cooling from two 340-cfm fans removes up to 200W of heat from each of its 13 slots.
The chassis sports a low profile that occupies 10U of rack space. Multipoint temperature, voltage and fan monitoring provides front panel status of vital functions and shuts down the system in case of faults and remote monitoring provides added assurance. Prices start at $6,465 for the 2-kW version.

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