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VXI Modules Have Large Prototyping Area

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Available in single-, double- and triple-slot, C-size VXI enclosures, Models 7064M message-based and 7064R register-based VXI prototype modules offer 82 and 80 square inches, respectively, of breadboard area. For Model 7064M, the user circuit in the breadboard area is controlled via 12individually configurable 8-bit ports. The development area consists of a universal grid array with 0.1" center hole patterns, a DIP pattern, four SMT patterns, and a connector grid area. Option 05 provides the message-based interface and can control up to 12 slave cards over the VXI local bus.Well-suited for applications that are either simple in nature or that require very high interaction speeds, the 7064R register-based prototyping module lends access to all 32 bits of the VXIbus backplane. A user interface connector is provided with easy access to buffered backplane signals.

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