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Wacom, E Ink Integrate Pen Input With E Paper

Wacom and E Ink Corp. are partnering to integrate Wacom’s Penabled digital pen input solution with E Ink’s Visplex electronic paper. E Ink’s Broadsheet AM300 prototyping kit, which will be available in a 6-in. diagonal size in June and other sizes later, combines the two technologies in a solution that mobile computing manufacturers can easily integrate into their product designs.

As electronic paper displays enter mainstream applications, the ability to support writing and drawing has become important, especially in emerging applications like eTextbooks. Students used to highlight selected text, making annotations, and scribbling notes in their textbooks will no longer need to use a keyboard connected to an electronic paper display.

“e-Paper is opening up a number of new products for displays, including eBooks, Mobile Internet Devices, Smart Labels, and Digital Signage.” said Barry Young, senior advisor for DisplaySearch. “The partnership between E Ink and Wacom in the application of pen input should increase the breadth of ePaper capabilities and accelerate the growth rate.”


E Ink Corp

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