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Wavelength-Sensing ModuleÕs Output Is Unaffected By Light Source Intensity

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The PSS-WS-7.56-PCBA wavelength-sensing module incorporates a unique sensor mounted on a pc board. The module also includes all of the necessary signal processing circuitry. The output of the module is a voltage that is directly correlated to the wavelength striking the detector. And unlike other devices, the moduleÕs output is not affected by the intensity of the light source. This results in only the wavelength being measured. The module operates over a range from 450 nm to 950 nm with a resolution of less than 1 nm. Price is $500 each in single-unit quantities. For more information, call Yuval Tamari at PACIFIC SILICON SENSOR INC., Westlake Village, CA. (818) 706-3400.

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