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Web-Based Development Environment Offers Faster Benchmarking

TechInsights and Timesys Corp. have jointly launched BenchLab.com, a complete, secure development environment for conducting hardware and software evaluations over the Web via a browser. BenchLab.com combines TechInsights’ VirtuaLab online lab environment and Timesys’ customizable LinuxR building environment to provide system architects and design engineers the ability to test hardware with benchmarks in a real lab environment from anywhere in the world.

The site provides full benchmarking capabilities, without the hassle of obtaining the boards, configuring the boards, or doing any other set up. As a result, users save significant time and cost. Developers can precisely configure the hardware and Linux environment required and can run the lab’s existing benchmarks or upload their own. Using the BenchLab.com portal, users can automatically run the selected benchmarks on a user-specified set of platforms that includes boards as well as user-specified hardware and software configurations.

Users can also generate a summary report that compares benchmark results on different platforms. The development environment reduces risk, time, and resource consumption when benchmarking, enabling more time to be spent on analyzing results.

BenchLab.com will initially launch with the i.MX27 multimedia applications processor board, based on the ARM926EJ-ST core from Freescale Semiconductor and with the 440EPx Power Architecture-based board from AMCC. Additional boards will be added over time. Access to the new portal will be subscription-based, but it will launch as a free subscription site for the remainder of 2008.


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