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West Warwick, RI

West Warwick, RI-Supplying Eutectic Solder Balls as standard on its complete line of BGA Sockets allows Advanced Interconnections Corp. to help compensate for any inconsistencies in solder paste deposition volumes on the pc board, such as clogged stencils, and can help account for any coplanarity or board warpage issues. In addition, the color contrast between the firm's silver-tone solder balls and the molded insulator allows for easy camera recognition, ensuring consistent centering/positioning in automated pick-and-place applications. Solder balls reportedly make stronger solder joints than traditional pin-to-pad connections, making them more reliable in computer and shock/vibration applications. Some other key features include industry-standard 0.030" diameter for long-term strength and reliability and availability for either surface-mount or through-hole applications.

Company: ADVANCED INTERCONNECTIONS CORP. - Customer Service Department

Product URL: Click here for more information

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