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White LED Shows Off Even In Direct Sunlight

The new 3 mm (T1) White Discrete LED integrates a Silicon Carbide/Gallium Nitride diode with optical grade epoxy to produce a 3,500 mcd illumination at 20 mA, visible even in direct sunlight. The water-clear, 8,000K LED has a 22° viewing angle and sturdy leads for reliability in wire-wrap and through-hole pc board applications. The LED can be used as an individual pixel in a large dot-matrix screen, full color screens, moving signs and displays. Other applications include medical imaging and biomedical instrumentation, telecomm and datacomm equipment, cellular telephones, PDAs, machine vision systems, and color recognition and calibration systems. More diverse applications for the 3 mm LEDs include light color synthesis. Pricing is $0.99 each/1,000. LEDTRONICS, Torrance, CA. (800) 579-4875.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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