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Wi-Fi Has Been Working On The Railroad

If you plan to work and/or vacation in Sweden later this year and you'll be traveling by railroad, don't forget your Wi-Fi-enabled laptop or other portable wireless devices. Icomera has signed a deal worth 11 million Euros with SJ, one of Scandinavia's largest passenger railroads. As a result, SJ plans to bring Icomera's Wireless Onboard Internet Solution to its full fleet of 85 trains during the summer of 2005.

Under the terms of the agreement, Icomera will deliver its Intercity Edition for SJ's current X2000 train type and its Commuter Edition for the new X40 fleet. The deployment also will mark the rollout of Icomera's 3G/satellite-enabled Wi-Fi service, which is touted as a world's first for the railroad industry. SJ's deployment of Icomera's on-board wireless-Internet service also marks the first time that any railroad operator has instituted a full-fleet rollout of such services.

Once the system is in place, SJ intercity and commuter passengers will be able to surf the Internet and check e-mail at broadband speeds with guaranteed 100% connectivity. SJ is dubbing its new wireless service "Internet On Track." It is taking advantage of the new 3G infrastructure to increase bandwidth and improve passengers' experience while they are traveling or waiting for trains in the company's stations.

Icomera's Wireless Onboard Internet Solution uses mobile networks and satellite technology to provide passengers and train personnel with high-speed, reliable Internet connectivity while they're on board. The company provides railroad operators with end-to-end service. Further developments will be announced during the first half this year.

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