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Wide Input Module Offers Low Output Voltage

The MacroDens line of component-level dc-to-dc converter power modules now offers a wide input model with a low output voltage for pc board mounting applications. The 3.3V, 1.5A PKF 5510 is available in through-hole (PI) and SMT (SI) versions with full power available for any input voltage between 18 and 72 vdc. The PKF 5510 converter stands less than 8.5 mm high and delivers 80% efficiency at 27V input and is designed to provide maximum flexibility for 28, 48 and 60 vdc distributed power systems. The power module is compatible with pick-and-place manufacturinh equipment and delivers 5W output with no heatsink. The output voltage is easily adjusted between 2.8 and 3.8V using a single resistor. The modules have built-in thermal protection, short-circuit protection and current limiting. Paralleling can be used for additional power. Ripple is 20 mVpk-pk and the switching frequency can be synchronized with an external signal.

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