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Will The Real-Time Java Please Stand Up?

The first commercial implementation of the Real-Time Specification for Java is now available from TimeSys. The standard's importance is indicated by its Java Specification Request, JSR-1, on the Java Community Process Web site, www.jcp.org. Unfortunately, the standard is large and sophisticated, requiring a suitable real-time operating system (RTOS). That's why a complete implementation is just now becoming available.

TimeSys JTime Java provides JSR-1 support when used with TimeSys Linux/CPU. This version of the TimeSys Linux RTOS includes a proprietary loadable kernel module that provides resource reservation support required by JSR-1. TimeSys Java can run on other Linux implementations, including the standard version of TimeSys Linux. However, some of the features of JSR-1, such as CPU reservation scheduling, aren't included. TimeSys Java supports ahead-of-time compilation.

TimeSys (www.timesys.com) also released a $79 Timesys Linux distribution, a $795 royalty free, professional development kit, the Eclipse-based TimeStorm 2.0 development environment, and a Board Builder tool for creating board support packages.

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