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WiMAX Test System Optimized For High-Volume Environments

The Agilent Technologies’ MXZ-1000 WiMAX Manufacturing Test System supports both fixed (802.16-2004) and mobile (802.16e-2005) “last mile” broadband wireless access systems using a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint architecture. The system is aimed at manufacturers of consumer premises equipment and PC cards seeking a calibration and tuning solution optimized for high-volume environments.

The MXZ-1000 offers Beceem’s BCS120 chipset library and is optimized to directly control Beceem’s BCS120 baseboard and RF chipset and the WiMAX modem software. Beceem will certify Agilent’s test systems for use by manufacturers that are developing mobile WiMAX products based on the BCS120 chipset. The MXZ1000 integrates Agilent’s MXA signal analyzer, MXG signal generator, and an interface unit into a single system. Simple graphical user interfaces are designed to maximize ease-of-use for operators in high-volume environments.


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Visit www.agilent.com/find/mxz1000.

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